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From The Creativity Project:

Inspired by the author anagram challenge (Minh Lê)

1. Take the name of one of your favorite children's authors.

2. Create an anagram from their name that sounds like a book title.

3. Create a scene from the hypothetical book.

1. May I introduce you to...


2. Ole Jeff's River 

3. A scene from Ole Jeff's River...

The boys had been riding their bikes around the neighborhood all day. Their shirts were smeared with hints of summertime, mud here and chocolate ice-cream there, not to mention the yellow stains under their armpits. They both turned 12 that summer.

A scolding waited for them at home, they knew that much. "Don't go too far," their mother said. But what she really meant was, "Be careful." They all knew what had happened earlier that spring. 

They sped home as the sun began to set, until they got to the house on the corner. Eli turned to Ollie, both slowing down to a halt. "I still miss him sometimes," he said. They stared at the old house, which looked lopsided, like it was moments away from collapsing. You could smell dirty water from the river that ran behind it. The kids in the neighborhood used to play in that river for hours, pushing and splashing and laughing until their parents dragged them out.

"D'you remember--" Eli began, but Ollie shook his head. Not tonight. He took off, leaving Eli behind once again. 

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