About the Writer


Hello, my name is Eugenia Vela.

I fell in love with words when I learned to spell my one true passion: Queso.  God damn, I love it so! The beauty of the food is apparent in its name, lust found in each curve of every single letter. Say it with me, now: Q-U-E-S-O. 

That was it for me. I was three, and completely hooked.

I was born and raised in Monterrey, México and currently live in Austin, Texas, where I spend my time writing, reading, and watching an unforgivable amount of television. I have a bachelor's degree in Journalism from The University of Texas. My published work ranges from long-form features and profiles to music and film reviews, short fiction, and creative nonfiction. I write about immigration, marriage, music, books, fashion, and sometimes, cheese. 

Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries. I'm always looking for a great collaboration project, so reach out via email, Twitter, Medium, Tumblr, carrier pigeon, it's all good.

Happy reading.